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The Office of Research Programs (ORP)

Led by the VP of Research, the Office of Research Programs (ORP) seeks to stimulate, facilitate and highlight research at ESF, and strives to make research opportunities at the College as broad and achievable as possible. We are the central resource for the initiation, funding and management of all ESF research activity.

ORP Staff Directory

Vice President for Research

John C. Stella, Ph.D.; Vice President for Research and Campus Operations Manager;
stella@esf.edu (315-470-6606)

As Vice President for Research, Dr. John C. Stella provides leadership, coordination and support for College-wide research programs through the initiation, development and implementation of research management, administrative and financial/budgetary strategies. Research-oriented Center, Institutes, Councils and Consortia report to the Vice President, who works closely with the Provost in support of these entities. The Vice President works synergistically with the ESF administration and with counterparts at Upstate Medical University, Syracuse University, the business community and other college partners to develop research opportunities and new initiatives.

ORP Staff and Responsibilities

William J. Nicholson, Director of Sponsored Programs
wjnichol@esf.edu (315-470-6608/6606)

William J. Nicholson is the Director of Sponsored Programs, who coordinates and directs the activities of the technical staff of the Office of Research Programs. He assists the Vice Provost of Research with all phases of the administration of grants and contracts from sponsors external to the College. This includes general oversight responsibility for pre-award and post-award activities, including liaison with project directors, sponsoring agencies and organizations, and the Research Foundation of State University of New York. This position is central to the development of Memoranda of Understanding as well as finalization of contracts and grants.

Lisa Schwabenbauer, Director of Sponsored Programs, Pre-Award and Deputy Operations Manager
lschwab@esf.edu (315-470-4877)

Lisa Schwabenbauer is the Director of Finance and Deputy Operations Manager.

Cheryl A. Liptak, Director of Sponsored Programs, Post-Award
cliptak@esf.edu (315-470-6707)

Cheryl A. Liptak is a Administrative Staff Assistant IV. Cheryl assists with post-award tasks of reviewing and monitoring the close-outs of awards, and notifying the PI's of award balances and reports due. She is also responsible for monitoring the contracts and grants campus approval review process; sub-recipient monitoring; tuition encumbering and charging; and works with the Outreach Office on multiple sponsor award set-up and closeouts. She monitors technology transfer submissions; submits and processes cash transmittals submitted to the Research Office; and assists with faculty PIAI training. She also plays an important role in special events including the Mentoring Conference, NY State Fair and campus visits of major research figures. Her responsibilities also include coordinating proposal submissions for a subset of the faculty that includes Environmental and Forest Biology; and College Foundation research projects.

Kate Edwards, Director of Finance
kwall@esf.edu (315-470-6610)

Kate Edwards is a Sponsored Programs Associate II. Her responsibilities include coordinating proposal submissions for a subset of the faculty that includes the Departments of Chemistry; Environmental Studies; Environmental Resources Engineering; Landscape Architecture; Paper and Bioprocess Engineering; as well as the Administrative Accounts including Graduate Studies, Student Affairs, Sustainability, and Office of Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity; preparing expenditure and budget reports and assisting with post-award activity.

Fiona McKinney, Sponsored Programs Associate I
fmmckinn@esf.edu (315-470-6606)

Fiona McKinney is a Sponsored Programs Associate I. Her responsibilities include coordinating proposal submissions for a subset of the faculty that include Natural Heritage Programs.

Ryan T. Gillet, Sponsored Programs Associate I
rtgillet@esf.edu (315-470-4873/6606)
Sean C. Nicholson, Sponsored Programs Assistant I
scnichol@esf.edu (315-470-4730/6606)
Anne R. Knapp, Administrative Staff Assistant I
aknapp@esf.edu (315-470-6682/6606)

Anne R. Knapp is an Administrative Staff Assistant I.  Anne assists with many functions of the proposal process. This includes preparation and processing of a variety of required proposal forms including transmittal materials for faculty/project directors. Anne also provides assistance with post-award tasks, updating and revising data between ORP and Research Foundation database systems, tracking personnel and purchase order requisitions, forwarding monthly account statements, and assisting with sub-recipient monitoring and the effort reporting process.

Mary Anne Stanton, Administrative Staff Assistant I
mstanton@esf.edu (315-470-6607/4739)
Isaac Liptak, Administrative Staff Assistant I
iliptak@esf.edu (315-565-3009/4739)
Patricia Henson, Senior Clerical Specialist
phenson@esf.edu (315-470-4739)
Emily O'Brien, Senior Administrative Assistant
eobrie08@esf.edu (315-470-4950/6606)

Contact Us

Office of Research Programs
200 Bray Hall
1 Forestry Drive
Syracuse, NY 13210
315-470-6779 (fax)

ORP Services
Quick Reference

Abstract Review and Coding Cheryl Liptak
Lisa Schwabenbauer
Account Closeouts Cheryl Liptak
Effort Certification and Reporting Technology (ecrt) Anne R. Knapp
Contract and Grant Coordination/Review William J. Nicholson
Cheryl Liptak
Lisa Schwabenbauer
McIntire-Stennis Administrative-Technical John C. Stella
McIntire-Stennis General Information William J. Nicholson
McIntire-Stennis Budgeting Lisa Schwabenbauer
McIntire-Stennis Guidelines Lisa Schwabenbauer
Patents/Inventions (Technology Transfer) John C. Stella with Cheryl Liptak
Personnel Requisition Account Review/Approval Process Lisa Schwabenbauer
Kate Edwards
Cheryl Liptak
Fiona McKinney
Anne R. Knapp
Sean Nicholson
Ryan Gillet
Post Award Account Activity see Proposal Assistance/Budgeting
Project Technical Reporting Monitoring Cheryl Liptak
Proposal Assistance/Budgeting

Department of Chemistry; Landscape Architecture; Environmental Studies

Ryan Gillet

Department of Sustainable Resources Management; Chemical Engineering; Environmental Resources Engineering;

Sean Nicholson
The Adirondack Ecological Center, the McIntire-Stennis program, Graduate Studies, Student Affairs, Sustainability, and Office of Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Lisa Schwabenbauer
Department of Environmental Biology Cheryl Liptak
Funding Opportunities-- ESF Grants Search see Proposal Assistance/Budgeting

Sponsor Information and Guidelines

see Proposal Assistance/Budgeting

COI Information/Guidelines

Cheryl Liptak

Natural Heritage Program

Fiona McKinney