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Academics at ESF: Undergraduate Minors
Computer & Information Technology Minor

Coordinator: Dr. Gary Scott

The computer and information technology minor is available to all ESF undergraduates who want to develop greater skill in computer science and information technology applications. By understanding the basic principles behind software development, students can more effectively use these tools in their chosen fields. To be eligible for this minor, a student must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.700 or better by the end of the sophomore year. Interested students must submit a petition form and plan sheet, with courses listed, to their academic advisor and undergraduate coordinator, with final approval from the Dean of Instruction and Graduate Studies. Eighteen credit hours (6 courses) in computer science and information technology courses are required to complete the minor.
Required Courses (12 credits)

Course Number Course Codes * Credits
GNE 160
APM 360
ERE 335
Computing Methods for Engineers and Physical Scientists

Introduction to Computer Programming

Numerical and Computing Methods


ESF 200 Information Literacy   1
CIS 252 Introduction to Computer Science   4
CIS 351 Data Structures   4

Elective Courses (6 credits)
Course Number Course Codes * Credits
CME 410 Computer -Aided Design and Drafting   3
ERE 445 Hydrologic Modeling    3
ERE 622 Digital Image Analysis    3
ESF 300 Introduction to Geospatial Information Technologies   3
CIS 3xx Any CIS course offered at the 300, 400, and 500 ;eve;    
CSE 282  Systems Software Design   3
CSE 283 Introduction to Object-Oriented Design   3
CSE 351 Mathematical Analysis of Digital Systems   3
CSE 458 Data Networks: Basic Principles    
CSE 464 Introduction to VLSI Design    3
CSE 471 Introduction to Embedded System Design    3
CSE 482 Principles of Software Engineering   3
CSE 483 C# and Windows Programming   3
CSE 484 Introduction to Computer and Network Security    3
CSE 486 Design of Operating Systems    3
CSE 561 Digital Machine Design   3
CSE 565 Introduction to VLSI Testing and Verification   3
CSE 571 Switching Theory   3
CSE 581 Introduction to Database Management Systems   3
CSE 588 Translator Design   3