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Academics at ESF: Undergraduate Minors
Food Studies Minor

Coordinator: Dr. Lee Newman

The food studies minor will be available to students in all majors who want to increase their knowledge of the impact of food production systems, food security and food systems on human society and individual human health.

Some of the directed elective courses have additional pre-requisites, and students must investigate this before making up their proposed course plan.

Interested students (GPA 2.7 required in order to apply) must submit a petition, with a list of potential courses to fulfill the minor requirements to (a) their faculty advisor, (b) the undergraduate curriculum coordinator of their home department and (c) the food studies minor coordinator, with final approval from the Dean of Instruction and Graduate Studies.

Many of these courses are offered at Syracuse University. Students pursuing this minor may incur additional fees as required for exceeding their SU accessory instruction allocation.

For the Minor, all students must take 6 courses distributed as follows among 3 categories:

Two required lower division courses:

  • FST 102 Food Fights: Contemporary Food Issues (3)
  • FST 202 Agroecology (3)

Select one among the following courses:

  • EFB 337 Field Ethnobotany (3)
  • EFB 437 Plant Propagation (3)
  • EST 361 History of the American Environmental Movement (3)

Select three among the following courses:

  • FST 204: Food, identity and Power (3)
  • FST 303 Food Movements (3)
  • FST 304 Farm to Fork (4)
  • FST 306 Food Cooperatives (3)
  • FST 307 Feeding the World: Global Agri-food Governance (3)
  • FST 309 Philosophy and Practice of Locavorism (3)
  • FST 310 Will Work for Food: Labor Across the Food System (3)
  • FST 312 Emergency Food Systems (3) ***Note: This course is not offered each year.
  • FST 402 Feeding the City: Urban Food Systems (3)
  • FST 403 The Human Right to Adequate Food and Nutrition (3)
  • FST 421 Morality of a Meal: Food Ethics (3)
  • FST 423 Food in History (3)
  • NSD 555 Food, Culture and Environment (3)
**NOTE** This has prerequisites that will add to SU credits.