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Academics at ESF: Undergraduate Minors
Forestry Minor

Coordinator: Dr. Rene Germain

The minor in forestry draws from the biological, physical, social, and managerial sciences. The curriculum aids in understanding the biological complexities of the forest and the interactions between the forest and social and economic demands. The minor is designed to provide students with an appreciation of forest resources management. Course themes include forest measurements, forest ecology, forest management and silviculture, and forest policy and economics.

Admission to the minor requires students to have a cumulative grade point average of 2.70 or better after one semester at ESF (or as a transfer student with same standing).

The minor in Forestry requires 17 credits. It is the responsibility of the student to meet any prerequisites associated with courses in the minor. Required courses:

  • FOR 322 Natural Resources Measurements and Sampling (3) (prerequisites: FOR 304 or equivalent and APM391 or equivalent)
  • FOR 332 Forest Ecology (4) (prerequisites: FOR 232 or EFB 320 or equivalent)
  • FOR 334 Silviculture (4)
  • FOR 370 Forest Management Decision Making and Planning (3) (prerequisites: FOR 322 and FOR 334) or FOR 373 Forest Operations (3) (prerequisites: FOR 322 or FOR 334 or permission of instructor)
  • FOR 333 Natural Resource Managerial Economics (3) (prerequisite: FOR 207 or equivalent) or FOR 465 Natural Resources Policy (3)