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Academics at ESF: Undergraduate Minors
Biotechnology Minor

Coordinator: Dr. Christopher Whipps

The minor in biotechnology is for students who wish to add knowledge of biotechnology theories and methodologies to the experiences and qualifications gained from their undergraduate program. Required courses develop a basis for understanding biotechnology, both at the theoretical and practical levels. Directed electives allow students to focus on an area of interest in the field. The minor is available to all ESF undergraduate students except those in the biotechnology major.

Twenty credit hours of coursework are required for completion of the minor. Seventeen credits of specified courses include EFB 307 Principles of Genetics (3); EFB 308 Principles of Genetics Lab (1); BTC 401 Molecular Biology Techniques (4); EFB 325 Cell Biology (3); FCH 530 Biochemistry I (3); and FCH 532 Biochemistry II (3). One directed elective course (for a minimum of three credits) must be selected from the following list. A maximum of eight credits can count toward both major and minor requirements; overlap in excess of this number must be offset by taking additional courses from the directed elective list.

  • BTC 425 Plant Biotechnology (3)
  • BTC 426 Plant Tissue Culture Methods (3)
  • BTC 498 Research Problems in Biotechnology (3-6)
  • BTC 420 Internship in Biotechnology (3)
  • EFB 303 Introductory Environmental Microbiology (4)
  • FCH 531 Biochemistry Lab (3)
  • BIO 464 Applied Biotechnology (4) (SU)
  • MEDT 439 Applied Techniques in Medical Biotechnology (2) (SUNY Upstate)