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Academics at ESF: Undergraduate Minors
Recreation Resource & Protected Area Management Minor

Coordinator: Dr. Diane Kuehn

This minor provides students with the opportunity to combine visitor management with protected area management. Understanding the need to balance the opportunity for visitor experiences with protecting and stewarding protected areas provides professional insight into planning and managing those areas for limited visitor access. Understanding the motivations, preferences, and behavior of recreational users is necessary to integrate the human dimensions into protected area management with consideration of the social and environmental factors related to such management. Protected area managers need to be able to manage both the resource itself as well as a wide variety of users, such as campers, hikers, bird watchers, boaters, nature photographers and others who enjoy nature-based experiences in extensive protected area environments owned by public agencies, private landowners, or NGOs.

Students from all programs at ESF are eligible for this minor if they have completed a general ecology course and have a cumulative grade point average of 2.70 or better in their major program of study after one semester at ESF (or as a transfer student with same standing). Overlap between the minor and both one required course and one directed elective for a student’s major is permitted; other courses taken for the minor can not overlap with the major.

This interdisciplinary minor requires 15 credits and includes the following courses taught at ESF in the Departments of Forest and Natural Resources Management and Environmental and Forest Biology:

Required Courses (9 credits)

Course Number Course Codes * Credits
EST 370 Intro/Pers Env Interp Methods   3
FOR 372 Fund/Outdoor Recreation   3
FOR 475 Recreation Behavior &Managemnt   3

Required independent study or internship (3 credits)

Course Number Course Codes * Credits


One of the following management/protected area courses (3 credits)

Management/Protected Area Courses (3 credits)

Course Number Course Codes * Credits
EFB 413 Intro To Conservation Bio   3
FOR 404 Ecotourism Abroad   3
FOR 476 Ecotourism and Nature Tourism   3
FOR 478 Wilderness & Wildlands Mgt   3
FOR 523 Tropical Ecology   3