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Academics at ESF: Undergraduate Minors
Applied Statistics

Coordinator: Eddie Bevilacqua

This minor provides students with an opportunity to extend their understanding of and ability to apply statistical methods beyond the basic techniques presented in introductory courses. The minor is intended to provide students with a strong background in statistical design (both sampling design and experimental design) and analysis. The 12-credit minor consists of two required courses (6 credits), APM 391 (or APM 395) and FOR 323 and 6 credits of directed electives of advanced courses, independent study, or teaching experience related to applied statistics.

This minor requires 12 credits and includes the required courses (6 credits) and directed electives (6 credits) listed below. Other applied statistics courses may be substituted by petition for any course in the directed elective list with the approval of the FNRM Undergraduate Education Committee.

Required Courses (6 credits):

Course Credits
APM 391
APM 395
Introduction to Probability and Statistics

Introduction to Statistics in Engineering
3 (cannot use both)
FOR 323 Forest Biometrics 3

Directed Electives (6 credits):

Course Credits
APM 620 Experimental Design and Analysis of Variance 3
APM 625 Sampling Methods 3
FOR 495 Undergraduate Teaching Assistance (must be in association with APM 391 or FOR 323) 1
FOR 498 Independent Study (under guidance of instructor of APM applied statistics courses) 2-3

Eligibility requirements:
Students from all programs at ESF are eligible for this minor if they have a cumulative grade point average of 2.70 or better after one semester at ESF (or as a transfer student with same standing).