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Academics at ESF: Undergraduate Minors
Marine Science Minor

Coordinator: Dr. Kim Schulz

The marine science minor is available to students in all majors who want to increase their knowledge of marine systems. Prior to admission students must have completed one year of General Biology (EFB 101/102 and EFB 103/104) and one year of General Chemistry (FCH 150/151), or equivalent, and have earned a cumulative GPA of 2.70. Some of the directed elective courses have additional pre-requisites, which will not count toward the minor.


This minor requires at least 12 credits from the list below, with no more than 3 courses taken from any one department, and no more than 3 credit hours of lower division credits counted. Other marine science courses may be substituted by petition for any course in the directed elective list with approval of the marine science curriculum coordinator.

Although not required, all participants in the marine science minor are encouraged to incorporate a field or hands-on component in their choice of courses. Such courses may include the Sea Education Association courses, approved field courses from other marine stations or institutions, an approved internship (e.g., EFB 420) or approved independent research (e.g., EFB 498, ENS 498, FCH 498) opportunities related to marine topics (must be approved in advance by the marine science minor coordinator) or other marine field courses approved by the minor coordinator.

Directed Electives

Course Number Course Codes * Credits
EFB 355 Invertebrate Zoology   4
EFB 423 Marine Ecology   4
EFB 486 Ichthyology   3
EFB 487 Fisheries Science & Mgt   3
FCH 520 Marine Biogeochemistry   3
FCH 525 Oceanography   3
BIO 100 Ocean Life   3
EAR 117 Oceanography   3
EAR 205 Water & Our Environment   3
EAR 210 Hist of Earth and Life   3
EAR 325 Introduction to Paleobiology   4
EAR 429 Topics in Paleobiology   3
EAR 432 Seafloor Spreading&Oceanographic Lithosphere   3
EAR 544 Quaternary Environment&Climate Change   3
GEO 327 Geography of Coastal Environments   3

In addition, the following Sea Education Association courses would count toward the minor without petition, and not subject to the lower division requirement described above (221 Oceanography, 224 Practical Oceanographic Research, 225 Practical Oceanography I, 226 Practical Oceanography II, 320 Ocean Science and Public Policy, 321 Oceans in the Global Carbon Cycle, 324 Advanced Oceanographic Field Methods, 325 Directed Oceanographic Research, 326 The Ocean and Global Change, 327 Toward a Sustainable Ocean: Conservation and Management, 450 Advanced Topics in Biological Oceanography: Biodiversity).