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Academics at ESF: Undergraduate Minors
Environmental Biology Minor

Coordinator: Dr. Greg McGee

This minor provides students the opportunity to explore fundamentals of molecular, cellular and organismal biology and ecology, and to develop laboratory and field proficiencies in the discipline. The minor is open all ESF undergraduate students who maintain a GPA of at least 2.70 after completing at least one semester at ESF and who have completed EFB 101/102 & 103/104 General Biology (8 cr) or their equivalents, and one semester of introductory chemistry with laboratory (4 cr).

Eighteen credit hours of biology courses are required to satisfy the minor, including: EFB320 General Ecology (4 cr); EFB307/308 Principles of Genetics w/ laboratory (4 cr); EFB311 Principles of Evolution (3 cr); 7 cr of directed biology electives that may include: EFB202, either EFB 210 or 211, and any 300+ level EFB course except EFB 420, 495, 498.

A maximum 6 of 18 credits may count toward both major and minor degree requirements, including directed electives; overlap in excess of 6 credits must be offset by taking additional 300+ biology courses.