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Academics at ESF: Undergraduate Minors
Public Health

Coordinator: Dr. Lee Newman

The Public Health minor will be available to students in all majors who want to increase their knowledge of the impact of public health issues and administration on human and human population health. Some of the directed elective courses have additional pre-requisites, and students must investigate this before making up their proposed course plan.

Interested students (GPA 2.7 required in order to apply) must submit a petition, with a list of potential courses to fulfill the minor requirements to (a) their faculty advisor, (b) the undergraduate curriculum coordinator of their home department and (c) the public health minor coordinator, with final approval from the Dean of Instruction and Graduate Studies. Many of these courses are offered at Syracuse University.

(a) Three Required Courses:

  • EFB 360 Epidemiology (3)
  • PHP 221 Community Health Promotion (3)
  • PHP 309 Health Disparities and Underserved Populations (3)

(b) Select three among the following courses:

  • EHS 350 Environmental Health Management
  • FST 403 The Human Right to Adequate Food and Nutrition
  • PHP 302 Influencing Healthy Behavior
  • PHP 305 Community Mental Health Promotion
  • PHP 313 Issues and Challenges: US Health Care Delivery
  • PHP 306 Public Health Administration
  • PHP 414 Introduction to Ethics & Laws in Healthcare Administration
  • PHP 415 Public Health Ethics
  • PHP 436 Ethics in Addiction Services
  • PHP 437 LGBTQ Health and Well Being
  • PHP 438 Native American Health Promotion
  • PHP 462 Culture and Reproductive Health and Medicine
  • PHP 463 Global Health