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Sustainability at ESF
Sustainability Focused Polices

Selected Sustainability Focused Policies

ESF Specific Sustainability Focused Policies

View all College-wide policies and procedures and/or administrative updates

Policy or Procedure Date Issued/Last Updated

Green Purchasing and Break Free From Plastic Policy

Policy Issued: November 2021
Guide Issued: January 2022, updated April 2022

Sustainable Facilities Maintenance & Renovation Policy

Policy Issued: November 2021
EV Charging Station Procedure  Procedure Issued: August 2021 
Green Cleaning Program Program Issued: March 2020
Tobacco and Smoke Free Policy Policy Issued: July 2023, updated November 2007, August 2008, January 2020

SUNY and NYS Sustainability Focused Policies

As a state agency, ESF must become (and remain) compliant with a wide variety of sustainability focused SUNY and NYS policies