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Sustainability at ESF
NYS Center for Sustainable Materials Management

Housed at ESF, and in collaboration with Syracuse University, the Center for Sustainable Materials Management (CSMM) is working to bring industry professionals together to rethink the way we manage materials in New York.

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Our Mission

To inspire, lead, and connect a diverse group of people and organizations that will collectively challenge the concept of “waste,” through redefining and reimagining how we procure, produce, consume, manage, and market materials.

Our Vision

To make New York State a driving force of the future by galvanizing and leading all sectors of the State to apply the principles of sustainable materials management, propelling the State to become the least resource consumptive and most circular in the country.

Focus Areas

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Waste Reduction & Product Stewardship

Promoting waste prevention and reduction, particularly packaging reduction and product stewardship

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Closed-Loop, Responsible Purchasing

Using New York State’s purchasing power to encourage closed-loop, responsible purchasing


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Expanding Recycling Markets

Developing economic markets for recyclables, fostering entrepreneurship and helping convert manufacturing to use recycling feedstock


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Outreach & Education 

Recycle Right NY, a comprehensive community outreach and public education campaign, and facilitating additional stakeholder engagement


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Our Research 

Identifying new methods to manage non-recyclable fibrous materials through the development of composting and unique conversion options


Recycle Right NY

Have you ever been unsure if something was recyclable or not? If so, you are not alone! Recycle Right NY (RRNY) is an education and outreach effort informed by more than 100 recycling professionals from across New York State. We remove the guesswork from recycling by providing the information and resources you need to recycle right and “Know Before You Throw”. Join us as we strive to help New Yorkers become the best recyclers in the nation!

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