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Sustainability at ESF

EcoReps are paid peer-to-peer student educators who live and work in Centennial Hall (our dorm). This program has long been a part of the College's dorm experience, and was reimagined and relaunched for the Fall 2021 semester . Each year, 10 paid students teach their peers about the core tenants of sustainability, encourage sustainable lifestyle choices, and foster a sense of community between the students and the greater Syracuse area. Each month, students develop and deliver educational content and engagement activities for other residents, focusing on different monthly themes.

EcoReps actively post on ESF's Instagram, so be sure to follow us @ESFsustainability for content.

EcoReps Logo

The Office of Sustainabilty developed an EcoRep Guide to create a program structure and serve as a resource for EcoReps. The goal of this document is to provide guidance, while still encouraging student creativity and autonomy. If you would like to view the Guide, please contact the Office of Sustainability.

Three student EcoRep Coordinators serve as team leads (Activities, Education and Communication subgroups). During the academic year staff members meet with team leads each week and with all EcoReps once a month. EcoRep Coordinators meet with their teams frequently throughout the month. These many touch points serve to build trust, community, mutual learning and collaboration between staff and students.   

EcoRep Guide

Meet the EcoReps

Visit our Student Employees page to meet the 2022-2023 EcoReps!

move-in waste audit

EcoReps participate in a friendly dual with material being sorted and analyzed during the Fall 2022 dorm move-in trash and recycling audit

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EcoReps Engage

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