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Sustainability at ESF
Free Reusable Menstrual Cups & Pads

The College's free menstrual cup program was kickstarted by a NYSAR3 College Council grant in 2020. This grant program allowed the College to purchase 235 reusable menstrual cups, which were then offered to the campus community free of charge. Two of ESF's student clubs, The Baobab Society and the Mighty Oak Student Assembly's (MOSA) SustainabiliTEAM offered funding to purchase reusable pads and made reusable heating packs, both of which were also free to the campus community.

This "Flow Real" program challenged campus to build up other people, not trash piles by simultaneously fighting stigmatization of previously taboo topics and avoiding single use menstrual products that wind up in landfills. 

During the Fall 2022 semester, ESF partnered with All Matters to bring the Campus Cup program to campus. This program allowed all current students to sign up for a free menstrual cup during a two week sign up period at the beginning of the semester. The College purchased reusable menstrual cups once the program ended, to ensure continued access to cups throughout the year. These cups will be offered to the entire campus community free of charge, along with a supply of reusable pads!

Want to reserve your free pads or a cup? Complete this simple sign up survey!


Graphic showing that 528 pads or tampons can be replaced by one reusable menstrual cup