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Newcomb Campus
Educational Experiences

NFI infuses educational experiences with unique approaches to exploring natural science in the Adirondacks.

Programs and Initiatives

Throughout the year the Newcomb Campus sup- ports a broad range of professional development and educational programs serving organizations, institutions, scholastic and collegiate classes, Girl and Boy Scouts, community-based groups and the business community.

Custom-designed and planned programming provides powerful and unique experiential learn- ing opportunities that can be integrated into any schedule from half-day field trips to multi-day meetings, retreats, credit-bearing short courses and residential programs.

Core programs, themes and initiatives include: natural history, process of science, leadership development science, art and the humanities, human and cultural diversity in wild landscapes, boats, boating and the human and natural history of the Adirondacks, and the Grand Experiment – The Ecological, Cultural and Public Policy Legacy of the Adirondack Park.

The Northern Forest Institute (NFI) at the Newcomb Campus

The Northern Forest Institute for Conservation, Education and Leadership Training (NFI) is the education and outreach program at the Newcomb Campus. NFI’s mission is to promote inter-disci- plinary education, outreach, leadership training and related pedagogical research dedicated to enhancing the human and natural communities

in the Adirondacks and Northern Forest region.

NFI’s Goals:

  • Deliver unique, outstanding content and programming to diverse audiences

  • Increase the human and disciplinary diversity of audiences served regionally by ESF

  • Contribute to the understanding of informal science education efficacy and pedagogy through peer-reviewed research

NFI offers education and outreach programs for professionals, students and the general public.

Education and Outreach

Education and Outreach at the Newcomb Campus meets state standards and Common Core bench- marks. Customized educational programs are offered year-round and our professional staff of educators and researchers infuse hands-on learning with the knowledge and research findings of the nation’s oldest stand-alone institution dedicated
to the study of our environment. Plan a day-trip or take advantage of our housing and dining facilities for a multi-day experience.

Sample programs include:

  • Wildlife Ecology

  • Forest Ecology and Management

  • Natural History of Literature

  • Natural History of Fly Fishing*

  • Ecology of Adirondack Lakes*

  • Natural and Human History of Rich Lake*

    *Programs utilize canoes and historic guide boats

NFI is committed to interdisciplinary programs providing hands-on outdoor experiences.

Professional Development

The Northern Forest Institute (NFI) is passionate about providing professionals from all fields the opportunity to further their education, acquire new skills and improve existing ones. We strive to offer workshops, trainings and symposiums that allow professionals to strengthen and better inform their work and decisions that play a role in the conservation and sustainability of the Northern Forest.

Huntington Lodge is open for year-round lodging and accommodates as many as 10 guests for multi-day retreats.

Northern Forest Institute

5922 State Route 28N Newcomb, NY 12852

Fax: 518-582-2181