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Submitting a Petition

The following forms are available from the Registrar's Office and can be submitted via email for the appropriate signatures as required on the form. Approved forms can be submitted to

Undergraduate students must have their petition approved by their advisor, curriculum coordinator, and the Associate Provost in 227 Bray Hall. Graduate students must have their petition approved by their major professor, department chair and the Associate Provost in 227 Bray Hall.

Please see below for a list of actions that require and do not require a petition.

Actions that require a petition:

  • Transfer credit – credit taken at another college either before a student enrolled at ESF or while matriculated at ESF. A petition must be submitted even if the course work is on the list of ESF cooperative college agreements on the Undergraduate Admissions web site. Students must also submit an official transcript to the Registrar’s Office before the credit will be applied to their plan sheet.
  • Undergraduate students taking graduate classes – undergraduate students with above a 3.0 GPA but not enrolled in the honors program must petition to take a graduate class (600 or above). The Registrar will enroll the student in the class after the approved petition has been received.
  • General education courses – students must petition to use an ESF or SU course not on the ESF approved general education list to fulfill a general education requirement.
  • Undergraduate students taking more than 19 credit hours
  • Late add a course past the add deadline
  • Late drop a course past the drop deadline
  • Graduate students requesting an extension of their candidacy
  • Graduate students moving (rolling) thesis credits from one semester to another
  • Graduate students changing their degree program

Actions that DO NOT require a petition:

  • Major change - students need to complete the change of major form and submit it to the Admissions Office - 218 Gateway Center.
  • Minor enrollment - students need to complete the minor enrollment form and submit it to the Registrar's office.
  • Expected graduation date – students can change their expected graduation date in their MyESF account.
  • Course matching – advisors can email the Registrar’s Office to match courses – with the exception of general education courses that are not on the approved ESF list and transfer credits. General education courses and transfer credits must be petitioned.
  • Study Abroad – students must complete paperwork with International Coordinator in 110 Bray Hall.
  • Graduate students taking more than 15 credits in a semester do not need to petition. The Registrar’s Office can assist you with registration.
  • Students withdrawing from ESF must see Student Affairs in 110 Bray Hall, 315-470-6660.
  • Former students requesting readmission to ESF. Former students applying for readmission need to contact Student Affairs in 110 Bray Hall, 315-470-6660.