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Office of the Registrar
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for classes?

Students register for classes using the MySlice Web registration system. You may register any time on or after your access time, which you may find on the MySlice system, but not before. Holds that you may have include advising hold, administrative hold, financial holds at ESF or SU, including Library and Parking holds; and Health Center holds. Any holds must be removed before you can register. A registration form is also known as a course selection sheet, and it is just that. List the courses you want to take on it, and then meet with your advisor/major professor for approval. After you meet with your advisor, you will need to bring your registration form to 111 Bray to have the advising hold removed before you can register.

You will need to know your net ID and password to access the MySlice portal. You also access your Orangemail account the same way.

How do I add or drop courses?

You also use the MySlice system to add or drop courses. You will follow the same procedure used for registration. The first week of classes is when you are allowed to add classes; after that we are in the drop only period. During the drop only period the MySlice registration system is offline so the ESF Registrar's Office will process your drop transactions. If you are an undergraduate student, you must submit a registration form signed by both your advisor and the instructor of the class. If you are a graduate student, you must submit a registration form signed by the instructor of the class.

What are the other uses of a petition form?

Petition forms are used for a number of purposes, including:

  • petitioning to late add or drop a course
  • petitioning to have additional credits accepted in transfer from another school
  • petitioning to substitute a course for a degree requirement
  • petitioning to have a requirement waived

Undergraduate students must have the form signed by their advisor and curriculum coordinator before sending the form to the office of the Associate Provost for Instruction and Dean of the Graduate School, 227 Bray Hall, for final review. Graduate students need their major professor's and faculty chair's/designee's signatures before sending the petition to the Dean's Office. In some cases, a course instructor may need to sign. After petitions are reviewed by the Dean, they come to the Registrar's Office for processing, whereupon we will send you the student copy, which constitutes your notification of the official answer. You can find more information on our web site about submitting a petition.

How do I know when the deadlines are?

There is an Academic Calendar available which lists all the important dates of the academic year.

Can I withdraw from a course?

You can withdraw from a course between the 5th and 14th weeks of the semester. Contact the Registrar's Office.

How do I know when my final exams are?

The ESF Final Exam Schedule is available approximately a month before the end of the semester. It is your responsibility to check for conflicts. In all cases, you should check with your instructors to verify examination times and places.

I'm planning to take a course next summer at another school. Will I automatically be given ESF credit?

No. You must file a petition seeking to have the course transferred into your ESF program. The petition should be filed and approved before you take the course.

How can I get a transcript?

You must come into the Registrar's Office and fill out a transcript request form, or send us a written request. We need to have your signature to release a transcript. Transcripts are free. If you need a transcript, but are not on campus, you can write to us requesting it at SUNY-ESF, Registrar's Office, 111 Bray Hall,1 Forestry Drive, Syracuse, New York 13210. Current students can print an unofficial transcript from the MyESF student portal. For more information, see Ordering a Transcript.

Can the ESF Registrar provide a copy of my transcript from my previous school?

No, federal law prevents us from releasing another college's transcript. You may see it, if you need certain information from it; but if you need a copy, you must order it directly from the other college.

How do I get a loan deferment or proof that I'm enrolled?

If you have a deferment form from your lender, bring it to our office and we will fill it out confirming your enrollment status. If you do not have a form, but need a deferment, call us or come in and let us know the lender's address, and we will send them an enrollment certification form. The same information applies if you need proof of enrollment for health insurance, scholarships, or any other reason.

How do I access my Degree Works audit?

Your plan sheets have been replaced with a Degree Works audit. You can access your audit by logging into your ESF Banner Student portal and clicking the Degree Works Audit link on the left hand side of your banner profile.

How do I cross register at another SUNY college?

Information and instructions on how to cross register at another SUNY college may be obtained by contacting the Registrar's Office.

How do I contact Faculty/Program offices?

  • Chemical Engineering
    208 Walters Hall
    Phone: 315-470-6501
    Faculty Chair: Bandaru Ramarao, 205 Walters Hall
    Undergraduate Curriculum Coordinator: Shijie Liu, 302 Baker Lab
    Graduate Coordinator: Deepak Kumar, 402 Walters
  • Chemistry
    121 Jahn Lab
    Phone: 315-470-6855
    Faculty Chair:Lee Newman, 117 Jahn Lab 
    Undergraduate Curriculum Coordinator: Ted Dibble, 421 Jahn Lab
  • Environmental Biology
    246 Illick Hall
    Phone: 315-470-6758
    Faculty Chair: Stephen Teale, 242 Illick Hall
    Graduate Director: Jonathan Cohen, 403 Illick Hall
    • Aquatic & Fisheries Science
      Curriculum Director: John Farrell, 250 Illick Hall
    • Conservation Biology
      Curriculum Director: Rebecca Rundell, 333 Illick Hall
    • Biotechnology
      Curriculum Coordinator: Christopher Whipps, 133 Illick Hall
    • Environmental Biology
      Curriculum Director: Greg McGee, 146 Illick Hall
    • Forest Health
      Curriculum Director: Steve Teale, 242 Illick Hall
    • Wildlife Science
      Curriculum Director: Michael Schummer, 257 Illick Hall
  • Environmental Health
    246 Illick Hall
    Phone: 315-470-4937
    Director: Lee Newman
  • Environmental Science
    Director, Undergraduate and Graduate Program in Environmental Science: Russell Briggs, 202 Illick Undergraduate Advisor and Curriculum Coordinator: Ann Moore, 253 Baker Lab
  • Environmental Studies
  • Environmental Resources Engineering
    402 Baker
    Phone: 315-470-6699
    Acting Faculty Chair:Charles Kroll, 404 Baker Lab
    Undergraduate Curriculum Coordinator: Steve Shaw, 418 Baker Lab
  • Landscape Architecture
    Phone: 315-470-4829
    Faculty Chair: Margaret Bryant
    Curriculum Coordinators ...
    BLA: Margaret Bryant
    MLA: Margaret Bryant
  • Sustainable Resources Management
    320 Bray Hall
    Phone: 315-470-6536
    Faculty Chair: Chris Nowak, 320 Bray Hall
    Curriculum Coordinator: Eddie Bevilacqua, 301 Bray Hall
    Graduate Coordinator: David Newman, 309 Bray Hall
    • Construction Management
      Curriculum Director:Endong Wang 223 Baker Lab
    • Forest Resources Management and
      Curriculum Director: Rene Germain, 316 Bray Hall
    • Natural Resources Management
      Curriculum Coordinator: John Wagner, 304 Bray Hall
    • Sustainable Energy Management
      Curriculum Coordinator: Bob Malmsheimer, 305 Bray Hall
    • Forest Ecosystem Science
      Curriculum Director: Colin Beier, 311 Bray Hall

Where can I get more information on ...

Information on... Office
Billing, tuition, and fees Business Office
102 Bray Hall
Change of major Career and Counseling Services
110B Bray Hall
Financial awards Financial Aid
115 Bray Hall
Health services and counseling Student Affairs
110 Bray Hall
Parking ESF University Police
19 Bray Hall
(For SU permits, go to the SU Parking Services office in the Skytop Office Building)
Student employment Financial Aid
115 Bray Hall

How do I change my legal name or legal gender on my ESF records?

Currently enrolled students with a legal name change and/or a legal gender change must provide legal documentation of their new name and/or gender. Please complete and print the legal name or gender change form and bring it to the Registrar’s Office (111 Bray Hall) with one of the following: 

  • Driver’s License with new name and/or gender
  • Marriage/Divorce Certificate
  • Court Order
  • Social Security Card with new name
  • Current U.S. Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • US Military Card
  • NYS Identification Card
  • Passport or Passport Card
  • I-20
  • DS-2019

Applicants or accepted students must contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office at 315-470-6600 or the Graduate Admissions Office at 315-470-6600 in order to change their name and/or gender.

Please note that we will not perform name or gender changes for former students.


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