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Sustainability at ESF
Green Campus Initiative Compost Cab

Each semester, members of the student Green Campus Initiative club operate the compost cab program to help students living off campus divert food scraps from the landfill and incinerator. The club provides members with a bucket and compostable liners so they can separate organic material from the rest of their discarded items each week.

Each week, a different club member is responsible for picking up compostable material from all other participants. Compostable material is weighed and brought to ESF's campus, where it is hauled to OCRRA's industrial compost facility or Cayuga's Regional Digestor.

Want to be part of this program? Reach out to Co-Presidents Nicole Schepis and Rebecca Geneus for more information and meet club leaders on our Student Clubs page. Be sure to follow GCI on Instagram @gci.sunyesf and on ESF Engage to stay up to date on club activities and events.