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Sustainability at ESF
Reusable Plate Program

Hosting an event with food? While single use compostable products are able to be purchased and used on campus, we heavily prioritize the use of reusable dinnerware above all else! Reusable plates, cups, and utensils are available through the Reusable Plate Program (RPP) and can accommodate events of up to 350 people. This program is brought to the campus community by the Mighty Oak Student Assembly (MOSA).

Students, faculty, and staff can use the program, as long the dinnerware is reserved ahead of time and washed after the event (dishwasher in Bray 2). Review the RPP Guide and reservation calendar before reserving your dinnerware. Please note that you must complete a Return Form upon event completion.  

Visit the Materials & Purchasing page for more information about ESF's zero waste programs and visit the Green Purchasing and Break Free From Plastic Policy page to learn more about our push to rid campus of single use plastics.

Baker 408 is also equipped with a refrigerator, dishwasher and reusable dinnerware.  Please note that these amenities are only available for use in relation to events held in Baker 408.

reusable plates loaded in a dishwasher