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Department of Chemical Engineering
Safety Committee


The Department of Chemical Engineering Safety Committee exists to promote and maintain a safe environment for students, faculty and staff in and around CHE Department buildings. 

A safe environment requires cooperation from everyone on a continuous basis.  Therefore, we welcome input and feedback from everyone to continue to provide a safe learning and working environment. If you notice a potentially unsafe situation or have safety related feedback for us, please contact any committee member listed below or send an email to Thank you!

Department Safety Orientation & Training

The Major Professor/Supervisor is responsible for ensuring their students and/or new department members that will be engaged in laboratory exercises receive proper documented training. Orientation and training must be completed before laboratory access is allowed. Print out the current Safety Training Form and follow the instructions below:

  1. Arrange as soon as possible through the Safety Committee Chair, Mr. Appleby (, x6527, 114 Walters), to receive safety training by ESF Environmental Health and Safety personnel.   In the absence of Mr. Appleby, contact Mr. Westby ( , x4952, 416 Walters). Have Mr. John Wasiel or Mr. Peter Vandemark sign your Training Checklist form.
  2. Have your new department member become familiar with this website's content.
  3. Have your new department member become familiar with the SUNY ESF Environmental Health and Safety's website's content at ESF Environmental Health and Safety.
  4. Have your new department member view the video entitled To Be (Safe) or Not to Be found in the following link to the University of California, San Diego Scroll down the available videos (the last one) and click on the link to this 8:47 minute video; Be prepared to take a short quiz based on this video.
  5. Have your new occupant arrange to meet with a Safety Committee member (typically Mr. Westby) to take the quiz based on the video, review safety resources available on this website and on the SUNY ESF Environmental Health and Safety's website to obtain appropriate signatures.
  6. Give the completed Training Checklist form to our department secretary, Lynn MicKinkle in Walters 205.

Department Member Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Compliance

Eye protection, in particular, must be worn at all times when working in a laboratory or around the pilot plant during operations.  Every member of the PBE Department is empowered to escort anyone not wearing appropriate PPE out of the area.  Any infraction must then be documented by sending an email to and copy the Primary Contact (listed just outside the laboratory door on the HASP sign). See the Department PPE Procedure.

Department Safety Policies

Forms and Procedures