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Sustainability at ESF

Sustainability Resources

If you want to dive deeper beyond the resources offered below, visit our Projects & Initiatives to learn about specific programs. Interested in a broad overview of a variety of topics? Explore our Impact Areas:



Explore the report behind our high sustainability rankings

Sustainable Dorm Living

Tips for living sustainably in CenTen

Sustainable Snack Swaps

Delicious and low impact events

Living Sustainably Off-Campus

Bringing sustainability beyond campus

Green Purchasing Guide

Reduce the impact of your purchasing

Green Purchasing Case Study

Learn how we made the Green Purchasing Guide

Mighty Oak Energy Dashboard

Learn about energy and water use on ESF's campus

Clean Energy Master Plan

Carbon, energy, and climate planning

Zero Waste Data

Campus specific data 2018-2022

Sustainability Focused Policies

Practicing what we teach

Sustainable Events

Get your campus events certified!

Sustainability Ambassadors

Represent your team

Sustainability Pledge

Uphold sustainability values

Reusable Plate Program

Ditch single use at events

Post Landfill Action Network

Free zero-waste resources, discounts, and events for anyone with email

SWANA Membership

Free scholarship, internship and networking opportunities for ESF students

NYSAR3 Membership

Steep membership discount for ESF students