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One of ESF's strengths is its vast array of  centers that are both an important part of the academic setting and are also a vital part of our cultural setting. From world-reaching centers for research and education, to the Center for Native Peoples and the Environment, where programs that draw on the wisdom of both indigenous and scientific knowledge in support of environmental sustainability are created, the varied institutes and centers at ESF serve as critical points of convergence for the academic and cultural experience.

ESF is proud to host the following:

Adirondack Ecological Center (AEC)

A leader in ecological sciences in the Adirondack Mountains of northern New York.


Adirondack Interpretive Center (AIC)

The AIC is part of SUNY ESF's Newcomb Campus and serves thousands of visitors, area residents and program participants with outstanding learning opportunities in the heart of the Adirondack Park – New York’s unique natural, cultural and recreational resource.


American Chestnut Research and Restoration Center

The ESF American Chestnut Project has developed a blight-tolerant American chestnut tree, and is working to restore this iconic and valuable cultural symbol to the forest ecosystems of the eastern United States.



Analytical and Technical Services (A&TS)

A&TS provides specialized, customer-focused, value-added support services contributing to the ESF missions of instruction, research and public service.


SUNY Center for Applied Mircrobiology

The SUNY Center for Applied Microbiology was established July 1, 2004, through a generous donation by Dr. Chin Yang. The Center continues to function and provide funding for academic research in the broad arena of applied microbiology.

Applied Microbiology

Center for Cultural Landscape Preservation

The ESF Center for Cultural Landscape Preservation, based in the Department of Landscape Architecture, supports the education of landscape architects and students in related professions as best stewards of the cultural environment.

Landscape Preservation

Climate and Applied Forest Research Institue (CAFRI)

CAFRI is a multi-disciplinary team of forest, energy and climate experts based at SUNY ESF who provide policymakers and the public with science-based and practical solutions to address climate change


Center for Community Design Research (CCDR)

An outreach program within ESF Department of Landscape Architecture.


Empire State Paper Research Institue (ESPRI)

A leading international research organization in the pulp and paper industry.


Geographic Information Science (GIS)

GIS teaching and research takes many forms at ESF ranging from the theoretical (Geographic Information Science) to the applied (Geographic Information Systems) perspective.


Great lakes Research Consortium (GLRC)

An organization of 18 colleges and universities in New York, with nine affiliate campuses in Ontario, dedicated to collaborative research and education on the Great Lakes.


Hydrologic Systems Science (HSS)

The Council on Hydrologic Systems Science conducts research and provides outreach on knowledge essential to the wise use of ecosystems from both a water quality and water quantity perspective.



Institute for Sustainable Materials and Manufacturing (ISMM)

Mass Timber Construction

Mass Timber Construction

Michael A. Szwarc Polymer Research Institute

Michael M. Szwarc Polymer Research Institute promotes the advancement of polymer science through education and research, coordinate diversified activities of polymer scientists and engineers in the Central New York area, and develops strong cooperative programs with polymer-based industries nationwide.

Polymer Research Institute


Center for Native Peoples and the Environment

The mission of the SUNY-ESF Center for Native Peoples and the Environment is to create programs that draw on the wisdom of both indigenous and scientific knowledge in support of our shared goals of environmental sustainability.


Northern Forest Institue (NFI)

The Northern Forest Institute for Conservation Education & Leadership Training (NFI) is the outreach component of ESF's Newcomb Campus.


Randolf G. Pack Environmental Institute

The purpose of the Randolph G. Pack Environmental Institute is to enhance the ability of the Department of Environmental Studies to create and disseminate knowledge about environmental concerns of high public interest.

Environmental Institute

Roosevelt Wild Life Station (RWLS)

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TRINITY Institute

TRINITY is a institute governed by ESF, the Village of Minoa, SKD Environmental Systems LLC, and the SUNY-Research Foundation with a focus on basic and applied research across fields and disciplines.

Trinity Institute

Tropical Timber Information Center


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Image Cards

N.C. Brown Center for Ultrastructure Studies

The N.C. Brown Center for Ultrastructure Studies in Baker Laboratory provides instruction and assistance in light microscopy methods, scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, digital imaging, and image analysis.

Ultrastructure Studies

Willow Project

Driven by the challenges of sustainability, climate change, and rural development, ESF is actively working with numerous university, private, and public partners to research and develop shrub willow for renewable energy and environmental applications.

Willow Project

Wood Utilization Service


The Wood Utilization Service facilitates and encourages the most efficient processing, manufacture, marketing and use of wood, the premier renewable, sustainable, economical and environmentally beneficial construction, building, and manufacturing material.

Wood Utilization Service