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Research Assistant- Summer

Request for Student Employee(s) under the Federal College Work-Study Program

Summer 2024 Research (5/9/23 - 8/29/24)

One of these forms should be completed for each type of job available.

What skills/experience will the student grain? Why is this position needed?
How will the student's research experience be enhanced/mentored?
Is the research supported by external funders? If yes, provide a sponsor and project title.
Budget Information

Hourly wage rate(2): $14.20
multiply 2 X 3
multiply 1 X 3
multiply 1 X 4
Note: Allocation requests will be evaluated and determined by the ESF Office of Research Programs, in conjunction with the ESF Financial Aid Office
Supervisor Information
Contact Information

Student Research Assistants funded by the Federal Work-Study Program

Program Goal

The ESF Financial Aid Office and Office of Research Programs (ORP) are jointly sponsoring student research opportunities funded through the Federal work-study program. The aims of the program are to (1) promote student research experience as a professional steppingstone; (2) increase diversity in research by widening opportunities to students from all backgrounds; (3) provide positive student mentoring through interaction with faculty and research lab groups; and (4) enhance ESF’s capacity and reputation as a world-class research university. The program aims to enlist students in research early in their undergraduate careers, to foster deep and substantive experiences for both students and their hosting lab groups. The program will prioritize positions in labs with significant extramural funding, with faculty who demonstrate a strong commitment to mentoring student researchers, and with early-career investigators. In addition, placements will be prioritized in lab groups that can support several undergraduates with faculty and graduate student mentoring that creates a sense of community and belonging. 

Eligibility and Position Criteria

The program targets primarily undergraduate students who qualify for financial aid, though qualified graduate students may also be eligible. Awards will be standardized to approximately $2500 per student per academic year (AY), and $5,000 per student over the summer, with the total number of hours determined by the hourly wage rate. The current wage rate is $14.20/hour, which yields 352 hours during summer 2023-
and 176-hours during AY 2023–2024. In some cases, the allocations may be extended in consultation with the Financial Aid Office, subject to the student’s eligibility. We anticipate approximately twenty to forty awards available annually (summer plus AY total). 

Process and Responsibilities

  1. Faculty apply to ORP for research position allocations (using separate forms for summer and Academic Year), indicating position description, required qualifications, mentoring plan, and research funding status.
  2. Send completed request forms for student researcher positions to and CC Erica Ward ( indicating "FWS research application" in the subject line.
  3. ORP will submit the approved application to the Financial Aid Office, Financial Aid will post positions as they are approved.
  4. ORP will submit the approved application to the Financial Aid Office, Financial Aid will post positions as they are approved.
  5. Qualified Federal work-study candidates apply directly to position supervisors, and faculty work with Financial Aid Office to hire students through the program.
  6. Faculty supervisors work with students on research work and mentoring/professional development. This includes signing timesheets and tracking total hours worked. 
  7. If increases to the allocation hours and totals are requested, faculty work with the student and the Financial Aid Office to ensure eligibility.
  8. Faculty and student provide evaluations of the experience in response to solicitations by ORP and Financial Aid Office at the end of the Summer AY periods.

Questions about the program and deadlines should be directed to Erica Ward ( and Financial Aid Office (