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Pack Demonstration Forest

This property was presented to Syracuse University in trust for the use of the College, in 1927, by Charles Lathrop Pack through the instrumentality of the Seaboard Corporation. Mr. Pack had three objects in view when presenting this property for the use of the College: (1) as a demonstration of good forestry methods to the public and particularly to the owners of forest properties; (2) to provide the best facilities for the training of forestry students in the woods; and (3) to furnish a field laboratory for various lines of forest research, especially in the economic field. The Charles Lathrop Pack Demonstration Forest, now 2,500 acres in size, continues to support the College's mission of teaching, research, and demonstration.

The NYS Department of Conservation uses a portion of the property to host their Environmental Education Camp. Each summer, nearly 500* campers between the ages of 11-17 have the opportunity to engage in lessons relating to forestry, ecology, and wildlife science and participate in activities such as camping, fishing, archery, canoeing, orienteering, or completing a hunter safety course. For more information,visit DEC Environmental Education Camps.